Will We Get a Sneak Peek of Flex Lewis?

So we’re back to podcast 137, as you guys know, we have a new platform now on listing my videos because YouTube wants to ban me. We’re going to work with what we have and do the best we can with all the platforms I have, which are IGTV weekly/daily, Spotify, SoundCloud, Facebook, Pod Bean which is also audio-video. Also once a week, I’ll be doing a podcast with my friend,Santi Aragon, and that going to be called your bodybuilding plug and that’s every Friday on his YouTube

I’m going to speak about the reigning and defending two 12 champion Flex Lewis going into the open. There’s not much media covering this, which is kind of odd. I thought Flex would have a lot of people talking about him, but flex is still flat and he’s still going to be a serious threat. I don’t believe he could really win the title, but I believe he could definitely put up a fight. That’s just coming from my perspective that he can’t do it. At any given day, anyone can win any show, that’s what I would tell people in bodybuilding. Especially somebody with Flex Lewis genetics who’s like 245? Probably somewhere in the two twenties, I would have to guess.

So probably like 10, 15 pounds stage weight, which is going to be a lot on that frame. I’m interested to see though how much he is willing to reveal prior to the Olympia and how much build-up or excitement we’re going to get out of seeing what he looks like. He does post a lot on his Instagram story about working out, a lot of walks and, and talking and speaking to his fans, interacting with his fans, but we don’t see him revealing much. He usually has a sweatshirt on, usually stays covered up once in a while. Once in a while he’ll wear a sleeveless shirt, but I haven’t seen him uncovered in a while. Now the reason I’m making this video is that I want to talk about the pros and cons of him going into this Olympia for the first time as an open competitor, what should we expect?

What can we expect and what should we expect as fans and as bodybuilding enthusiasts. I see it from both sides as a competitor because I get why he doesn’t want to reveal much going into the show. I also understand how he does and doesn’t want to reveal stuff for the fans to get them excited, build up momentum, bring more spark to this sport right now. Let’s just say he was not competing, what are we getting excited for? Given the situation, we highly doubt we’re going to have any international bodybuilders competing, which is crazy to think about, Olympia without a lot of heavy hitters in it. Now, luckily we have two Americans,Flex,, he’s not really America, but in the USA at least to save it. Imagine if Flex Lewis wasn’t here or Phillies, we would just have a Brandon Curry show and then Brandon Curry against who?

I don’t, there are no names out there that’d be excited about to see him again. Luckily we have Phil and Flex. Flex is a good story because, he’s never really crossed over to this type of level of competition, in the open class. He’s done open show before I believe two, they were against hottie, I believe. I’m not sure how, I don’t really remember the second one that he did. I should’ve looked but nothing crazy competition wise. We’re probably going to see some of the best comparisons ever As far as it goes with flex Lewis, Phil Heath, and then Brandon Curry. These are going to be crazy comparisons just between flex and Phil. I’m excited to see what Flex is going to look like filled out more without having to hit a weight limit, not deplete so much, not having to worry about filling out too much or too hard.

He’s going to just be able to coast into this prep and this peak week and eat up the entire time, which Flex was never going to be able to do, which could also play against him because he’s never been in this territory before, is he going to carve too much? Hopefully, he and Neil test run things. Is he going to come in like super full and lose all that? His well-known conditioning and detail that we’re all used to seeing, the separation and hardness. We don’t know what to expect. We never seen him do it at this level, this hard with this much competition against him. He does have a very good chance of placing in that top three to five position without a lot of these heavy hitters coming because let’s be honest if Rollie, Rami, Bonac all these big guys we’re going to be in this top five, he’s got a really tough standing on his own, holding his own and standing up with these guys. Considering how much there is muscle mass difference in them. per square inch,

Yes, Flex stands there with anybody per square inch, but you have to also consider the Olympia is the elite of the elite and the most muscular. So they’re going to use the muscularity part as a heavy scoring part of the scoring system to hold against these guys. If they’re not overly muscular enough and flex is, but you know, you’re talking about Rowely Wrinkler, Phil Heath, William Bonac Who’s got just muscle on top of muscle on top of muscle. It’s very hard to sit there and say, Flex is as equal or greater to than some of those guys. I can’t forget about Rami and even Brandon Curry. Brandon’s a big guy. I don’t know if you guys understand the discrepancy between the two 12 and the open class.

There is a lot of weight in between these guys, and this is the only time where I’m going to say that weight is going to matter. When you have a two 12 guys going to the open class Olympia, this is some serious muscle at this level. Have you guys haven’t ever seen these guys in person then you don’t know what it’s like to see these guys in person, the videos don’t do them any justice and pictures don’t do any justice. It’s mind-blowing to see what they look like. So I’m really curious to see how much flex is going to reveal. If he does and doesn’t, is that good or bad for the sport? I’m asking you guys these questions. I think you should show a little bit to get us excited, a sneak peek maybe when he first starts his prep and then like halfway through and then that’s it.

Like two or three, That’s all we need not like weekly updates, but just to give us a little sneak preview of what he’s going to be bringing to the stage and bring out the camaraderie between these guys, the energy, and excitement because it’s a long time to the Olympia. December is a long time away. How are you going to keep these fans intrigued and excited, especially when we know a lot of the heavy hitters and favorite bible aren’t even gonna be in the show. We need excitement, he is what the sport needs and it’s craving. Whether it’s a sit-down interview with these guys, them shit-talking each other, maybe the battle of the Olympia DVDs. We have to get some camaraderie excitement going between them.

I would love to see it happen, especially from the big names like flex, Phil, Brandon, and all these guys that are going to be in the show. It’s going to be very interesting. We’re going to have some guys that are going to place higher than they ever have in their entire life because of the smaller lineup. I think flex should be taking advantage of this year. His coming-out party as an open competitor for his brand and himself. I think he should be bragging about the way he looks because let’s be honest there’s only one Flex Louis and there are not many guys on that stage that could say, Hey I could stand next to flux Lewis and Flex is probably going to be bringing a serious package.

So I’m excited to see what you guys think. If flex should be more open about sharing the way he looks, should he not, should he stay covered up? should we have more,see more stuff of him on his platform. Like I said, there’s pros and cons to both sides of this. So I understand from the competitor side, how they don’t want to reveal too much, because then if you expose too much and you show up short to that on stage, everyone’s going to say, Oh, we told you, so that whole side. Then there’s a sidewall, he didn’t show the way he looks because he looked like crap the entire time, he knew he wasn’t ready, he was too small and blah, blah, blah. Then there’s the ones, the pros of showing your self and being confident and letting these guys feel that energy from you. From the other competitors like, Hey, I’m coming with this serious package and I’m ready to fucking win, make a valid point that I can stand with the open guys, even though I’m a two 12 guy.

So there’s pros and cons of wherever you look at it, there’s no right or wrong answer. I just want to hear what everyone thinks. I’m curious to see what he does it’s gonna be very exciting. I’m very intrigued about having him stand next to Phil. It’s something I’ve always wanted to see before I go, I always wanted to see the open winter versus the two 12 winter as the overall Olympia champion, but it never happened. Now we’re kind of going to see that this year, luckily Phil’s coming back and we’re able to see that comparison that we always wish to see, most likely. I mean, I think they’re going to sit next to each other, I hope so. We’re gonna be able to see what’s the difference between the open winter and the two 12 winter. With a extra few pounds. But I hope you guys enjoyed, Please follow us at body science supps, videos sponsored by body science supplements, get all your sarms Your supplement needs at our store.