YK 11- Double Your Muscle

YK 11

YK 11 is a synthetic partial activator of the androgen receptor with a similar chemical backbone as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) with anabolic activity and myostatin inhibition. Myostatin is a protein in skeletal muscle that limits growth. By enacting anabolic activity and myostatin inhibition, YK 11 has the potential for significant ergogenic benefits during a massing phase.

YK11 is different from traditional SARMs like Ostarine, however, in that it also inhibits myostatin in your body. Data shows that myostatin puts a biological limitation to how much muscle you can grow. This can explain “hard gainers”, and those who struggle to build muscle mass. Some of the world’s strongest and biggest bodybuilders have actually been shown to have a gene that prevents their body from producing myostatin, allowing them to reach incredible sizes and levels of strength. This is, in effect, what YK11 does. Not only does it have the muscle building effects of a SARM, but this compound also reduces the amount of myostatin in your body, allowing it to blast past its natural muscle-building potential.

While the long term health effects of YK11 haven’t been studied in humans, there is evidence to suggest it’s an incredibly potent anabolic drug. In fact, much of the anecdotal data and various logs of body builders and their experiences suggest that YK11 is comparable to a mild steroid cycle. While the drug hasn’t been approved for human use by the FDA, you can be sure that body builders are using it to get jacked all over the world. Another reason why people love YK11 is that it creates a muscle hardening effect that few other supplements on the market can manage. In addition to the rapid muscle growth that will come from this compound, YK11 is also known for creating the “cut and dry” look that lifters love. What’s more is that if you combine YK 11 with SR 9009 or another SARM meant for cutting, you could experience accelerated lean gains.

Most people take this compound, because of its ability to rapidly increase strength in users. In fact, one study conducted at the Department of Internal Medicine at Yale University, found that treating mice with an anti-myostatin drug for just 4 weeks was associated with a huge increase in muscle strength. Another study, published in the PNAS Journal, found that mice who lacked the myostatin inhibiting gene (which YK11 seems to turn off), literally had twice the physical strength as those mice who had the myostatin inhibiting gene. While more studies certainly need to be done on this compound, preliminary data and anecdotal evidence suggests that it’s an extremely potent muscle building compound, rivaling even the strongest of anabolic steroids.

At 10mg daily, YK 11 can affect its full benefits of muscle growth through its unique pathway. Because YK 11 does not bind too strongly to the androgen receptor itself despite its steroidal backbone, the majority of people do not experience estrogenic side effects. Although some people are especially estrogen sensitive and would benefit from concurrent usage of an aromatase inhibitor (AI) and inclusion of a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) as part of a post cycle therapy regimen (PCT).