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Fitness Considerations for Summer Heat

For summer seasons, it is always good to keep safe and just enjoy it. Summer is favorable for refreshment moments outdoors with family members or working out an admirable exercise and hitting the beach. Only people should also be alert of warm weather. Based on the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) numerous studies, hyperthermia is […]

Cardio Benefits for Bodybuilding

I believe you may be a lifter. I also guess that deadlifts and bicep curls make most of your days and not the half marathons. Who has time for cardio anyway? Don’t you think it’s gonna chew your hard-earned muscle gain? Yes and no… it will only depend on how you do it.So, does cardio […]

How to train your REAR delts?

So today we have of course body science supplements and savior SARMs, uh, my two companies, and you could find them at bodysciencesupps.com, check out everything we have there. We have protein amino, pre-workouts health sups, and obviously save your SARMs. Uh, we are selling, we are doing the BOGO sale this month. Uh, so […]


Welcome back guys to another podcast today. My name is Nick Trigili. And today we’re going to speak to you guys about, uh, how many weeks are you supposed to prep for your first or second bodybuilding show is more time, better as less time better. What’s like the sweet spot.   Before we get […]

More Isn’t Always Better

I’m going to speak to you guys about how to maximize your off seasons with gear, sars, nutrition training, do a wholesome video about just off season in general. Some things that could possibly help you get a better off season, making it more productive, more effective, and be able to maximize that time in […]