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Clutch – Liquid Chalk 100ml

$12.99 $9.74

House of Gains Liquid Chalk CLUTCH!

This liquid version of your everyday gym chalk is perfect for the gym! Especially in this era of keeping clean and sanitary!

Most commercial gyms are even banning regular gym chalk! Don’t let their rules infringe on your gains!

Clutch is made with magnesium carbonate and held together with alcohol and a resin that enables the chalk to stay on the skin LONGER than regular gym chalk. It also makes the chalk slightly stickier and doesn’t wipe off as easily as powdered chalk. Stop sticking your hands in dirty chalk buckets!

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Skull F*ck Smelling Salts

$14.99 $11.24

Introducing SKULL F*CK SALTS!!!!

  • Instant boost of alertness
  • Only for the HARDCORE
  • Comes shipped as a powder so it will not leak during transport
  • Must be activated with 12.5ml of water (about 1 cap full)
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Heavy Duty Wrist Straps

$19.99 $14.99

1 Pair of Heavy Duty Wrist Straps

Great for Deadlifting or Back Day Exercises!

Lasts Longer Than Flimsy Box Store Brands

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FLEX – Extreme Pump and Vaso-Dilation Complex

$49.99 $37.49

Powerful Vaso-Dilation! This product yields EXTREME PUMPS! Take ONLY pre-workout with plenty of water! Contains 400mg of the patented VASO6™!

• Vasodilation
• Increases nitric oxide production
• More efficient blood flow for ATP
production and muscle recovery
• Superior nutrient delivery to muscles
• Antioxidant effect


Take 4 Pills Pre-Workout for PUMPS! Your body craves the boost that you can get with FLEX so order online today to fuel your next workout. Great for those who don’t want to drink a flavored pre-workout.

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$41.99 $31.49

House of Gains NEW Pre Workout!

  • Higher Stim than our Original Pre-Workout.
  • Bigger Pumps!
  • Anti-Crash Formula!
  • No Beta-Alanine or Niacin so NO flushing or “tingles”
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House of Gains Whey Protein 3lb


House of Gains signature product! This protein is quickly becoming a favorite across the country! Our iced coffee protein will give you the feeling that you are drinking coffee, but you are getting your much-needed protein at the same time. Fuel your gains and get your muscles going with our high quality proteins.

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Animal Cuts

$38.95 $29.21


The Complete Cutting Stack- 42 Packs
  • All-in-One Fat Burning Complex
  • Convenient Grab-and-Go Packs
  • Potent Thermogenic Fat-Burning Agent
  • Extreme Metabolic Enhancer
  • Natural Diuretic and Thyroid Support
  • Nootropics for Focus and Motivation
  • Energy Boosting Formula
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Animal Pak

$32.95 $24.71


Animal invented the pack. Animal Pak, the training pack, launched an entire brand.

  • Complete Performance Complex
  • Convenient All-in-One Packs
  • Health and Immune Support
  • Vitamins, Antioxidants, Aminos
  • Minerals, Enzymes, Liver Support
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